On an average of two times a week, we get a phone from a concerned property owner who believes they may have mold. They generally have a worry that mold is growing inside of their walls. The first concern I ask is “Have you had a flood recently?” Usually, the answer is no. The next concern is “Why do you believe you have mold?” Some will state that a good friend told them that if you have ants in your home, you have mold. Let’s fix this now. Hire mold inspection in Austin.

No Moisture, No Mold. Ants do not indicate that you have mold. I personally get ants in my house one or two times a year. Normally, they will be found in and get water from the shower or tub drain. Recently, I discovered them getting water from the toilet tank. This is just typical, they are thirsty and trying to find water. This does not imply you have a mold invasion. Ants normally in your home means they have found food or water. Put some bait traps out for the ants and they will vanish. We do not recommend you spray pesticides in your house, usage bait traps just.

Now let’s discuss mold. This is one example of mold in a Condominium:

The resident of the Condo Unit is grumbling about getting sick after a leak. This usually happens if the flooded location is not passed away up appropriately. We were recently contacted by a Condo Association that was worried about possible mold in a unit that was flooded. The water was tidied up within 24 hours of the flood by a regional contractor. Moisture Testing of the walls proved to be unfavorable which shows that the unit was dry. No Moisture No Mold. There was no visible mold anywhere but the client was complaining that she was getting sick in the unit.

Your very first concern, you just informed us that “No Moisture, No Mold” which is absolutely right, “what’s up”? Moving along, next, we took mold air samples from inside the walls and mold surface swab samples and sent them to the lab to additional assess the apartment. The mold air samples from inside the walls returned favorably. The mold swab samples came back unfavorable. Now there is a predicament, mold in the walls but no mold in the unit. It generally tells you there is another whole story here besides this water leak.

Throughout the 2nd stage of the examination, it was found that the nearby homeowner had a flood less the 3 months earlier. It was poorly cleaned up by the property owner and led to covert mold in the wall. This is the dilemma of living in a Condo Association. You can not control what others are doing or not doing properly. The mold problem was coming from the adjoining unit due to the reality that there was airflow through the walls due to a break in the firewall. There is constantly a response regarding why something is happening.

In conclusion, mold normally is the result of water damage of some type. Occasionally, there are cases where it is not obvious but there is mold. Mold can not grow unless there is some type of water such as a flood, water leak, condensation or a surprise leakage. If you have Asthma or Immune Compromised, it is essential to be extremely aware of your surroundings concerning water leakages . Mold can have a negative impact them. If you believe mold, hire a knowledgeable Austin mold inspection professional who has qualifications from a valid organization such as the Indoor Air Quality Association. If you are under a Doctors care, always talk to them first prior to taking any advice. If you have any concerns, feel free to call us or visit our site.